Mutations ( série )

Title : Mutations 
Year : 2024
Signature : Collectif Kaïros

Exposed at : 

► DNA, Digital Art Festival, may 2024, Grenoble, France

► DIS[PLAYERS], feb. 2024, Les Tanneries – Contemporary art centre of national interest, Amilly, France

Mutations is a series of sculptures that draws a connection between digital transformation and biological evolution. The pieces are based on the Natural History Museum’s collection of bones in London. The artists have devised an algorithm, similar to a ‘computer virus’, which corrupts, modifies and deteriorates the code of the digital models of the original bones. Like a digital root structure, forms are generated with a high degree of randomness and spread out around the bone structures. The smooth curves of the digital network evoke organic processes and highlight the fragility of the boundary between the virtual and the natural.
Mutations is part of the legacy of the Vanities in the history of art, and raises questions about the sustainability of the virtual archiving of our collective heritage.