Daedalus 2.0

Title: Daedalus 2.0
Year: 2022

Exposed at:
Sztuka numeryczna – między wolnością a kontrolą ( Digital art – between freedom and control ), Oct. 2022, WL4 – Przestrzeń Sztuki, Stocznia Cesarska, Gdańsk, Poland
► U.S.B. #2 – + 4, Oct. 2022, ÉSAD Orléans, France

We often associate the Web with a labyrinth. How can we not think of the Myth of the Minotaur? Custom-built by Daedalus, it’s not just the monster’s palace or his prison: it’s also his grave, where he dies murdered by Theseus. On the Web, algorithms control potential paths and mathematically define the walls of our labyrinths in which our tracks accumulate. We dig the sanctuary of our digital death, the landscape of our digital life, to reflect our own individual digital life.

Daedalus 2.0 is a research project that proposes to visualise the digital pits that we dig every time we revisit the same web pages. Drawn by an algorithm, this series offers a day-by-day visualisation of the number of times we visit the Google.com page. The visuals will be compiled in a monthly edition. In total, the month of May 2022 brought together 463 visits to the Google page.