Super Break out

Title: Super Break out
Year : 2023

Exposed at :

Festival Matricule, Bis nov. 2023, Orléans, France

Interactive installation / video game created for the Matricule Bis Video Games and Digital Arts Festival.

“Break Out is the name of the first “brick-breaker” in the history of video games, which was released by Atari in 1976. In its various forms, the expression translates as “to escape, to break free from the law, to evade… to break out”. For the first edition of the festival, it sums up in a single formula our fantasised experience of urban phenomena, as transposed onto the screen by video games over the last 40 years”.

From the arcade terminals of the 1980s to the first home consoles, from the mobile phones of the 2000s to the latest smartphones, Brick Breaker is a classic video game that has crossed the years and touched all kinds of audiences.

This installation offers a different experience of this game, basically played solo, by modifying its gameplay to integrate it into the context of a festival. A screen is placed on an old oak cabinet found at a recycling centre and mounted on wheels. A few arcade buttons are added to the furniture to start a new game, change levels and throw the ball. To move the platform on the screen, simply push or pull the cabinet, alone or with other players.

The movement of the cabinet is directly linked to the emulator, which runs the original version of the 1978 Atari 2600 Super Break Out game.